The Organizer covers the costs for two days of stay (overnight stay with breakfast) for one member of the creative team from every film selected for competition program.

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For participation on the 28th FESTEF (July 2019, Kucevo - Serbia) you can also apply by the site clikforfestivals.com





In December, our friends and colleagues from Vranje, organize the 15th International Documentary Film Festival - DOCUMENT 2018. (DOKUMENT 2018.)

Two films awarded at the 27th FESTEF in Kučevo, are in official competition.


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  1. GRAND PRIX “GOLDEN SHEPHERD” for the best domestic film goes to the film “CIPOVKA – The Bread Smiling at Moon”, by JELENA VUKMANOVIC, produced by RTV, for richly documented and nicely weaved study on a particular kind of bread, cipovka, connecting different national traditions in Vojvodina, and being recently recognized as intangible cultural heritage of Serbia.
  2. “SILVER SHEPHERD” for ethnological record is assigned to the film “KISILJEVO VAMPIRE” by NOVICA SAVIC, from RTS, Studio Pozarevac, for an effective record of the attitudes concerning the local vampire controversy, which doesn’t stop exciting and terrifying people, “threatening” to become a cultural heritage of its kind.
  3. “SILVER SHEPHERD” for the best directing  goes to SLADJAN STOJANOVIC for his film “DEJAN”, produced by RTS, Studio Vranje, for classy and visually thought-out narration on a priest having another great and unusual love in his free time;
  4. “SILVER SHEPHERD” for the best script is assigned to SVETLANA MILJANIC for “GALIPOLI SERBS – DULGER NICOLA PROPOSING TO JERA” produced by RTV, for her persistent attitude to presenting Galipoli Serbs, which resulted in a series of valuable TV programs; 
  5. “SILVER SHEPHERD” for the best camera is assigned to ZLATKO DJURDJEVIC, for his work in “DRAGOMIRAC”, produced by TV Centre, Svilajnac, for a thoughtful choice of shots and the image composition, successfully presenting the creativity of a naive farmer painter; 
  6. “SILVER SHEPHERD” for the best editing is assigned to JOVANA FILIPOVIC for her work in “ONE OF A KIND – Female Gusle Player in Serbian Tradition”, produced by RTS, Educational-Scientific Program, for a masterly use of various pictorial materials in narrating on female gusle players and their underestimated contribution in musical heritage of Serbia;
  7. “SILVER SHEPHERD” for the best amateur film is assigned to the film “SANZIANA”, for a careful reconstruction of the elements of the traditional culture of the Vlachs, and for the enthusiasm she invests in her work with young amateur actors;
  8. “GOLDEN SHEPHERD” and Cedric Dallier charter for the best foreign film is assigned toDAVOR BORIC, for the film “FLYING FRIAR”, produced by HRT, Croatia, for an unobtrusive and expressive handling with the elements of the cinematic language in creating a portrait of an extraordinary padre and ethnologist;
  9. “SILVER SHEPHERD” in foreign competition is assigned toLEYLA TOPRAK, from Turkey, for her film “RED HANDKERCHIEF”, for an effectively narrated universal human story on the importance of traditional songs and dances in preserving the identity and human dignity in the harshest life conditions.

The Jury also decides:

  1. Special recognitiongoes to ALEKSANDRA JOVANOVIC and ZARKO JOKSIMOVIC, authors of “ST. GEORGE’S DAY IN THE VANISHED VILLAGE”, for mediatic contribution to reviving traditional culture in an abandoned Serbian village in Kosovo;
  2. Special recognitiongoes to GORDANA PAJIC, author of “THE ALMIGHTY PLUM”, for her comprehensible treatment of the culture of plum cultivation and its traditional treatment;
  3. Special recognitiongoes to IVO KUZMANIC andALEKSEJ PAVLOVSKY for their film “THE HOUSE”, produced by HRT, Croatia, for an inventive cinematic approach, revealing the paradoxes in the preservation of traditional material culture;   
  4. Special recognitiongoes to EVA PIVAC andMATJAZ PINTER , the authors of “ENCHANTED CINEMA”, from Slovenia, for an effective essay on the magical power of cinema, fulfilling the mission of the late anthropologist-cineaste and cinematically connecting different generations of spectators;
  5. Special recognition goes to NOVAK KNEZIC from Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for his film “THE LAST BULLOCKIES”, for his impressive use of various filming techniques in rendering of the hardship felt by both men and oxen during their work.

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